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      Hello guys,

      I’m having this very weird problem.

      I’ve installed the trial but after a week and a half suddenly the system doesn’t boot.

      I just see a black screen.

      Doesn’t even see any boot screen loader (i have xp and windows 2008 using bcdedit).

      The only thing i’m thinking is maybe because i rearmed the activation? is this possible?

      I booted from installation DVD and did fixboot and fixmbr and all you want but it doesn’t find any problems and still won’t boot.

      Can this be caused by a faulty windows update?

      I’m really desperate because it happened the 2nd time and I can’t reinstall windows every 2 weeks….

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      I’ve researched a bit more about it.
      It looks like it’s stuck in bootmgr.
      The bootmgr is fine but doesn’t load winload.exe.
      Even if i rename or delete winload.exe it still stays in black screen. So it looks like it doesn’t even get there.
      If i delete bootmgr, it does say bootmgr is missing.
      What can cause bootmgr to suddenly not work with out any error printed?

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      did u use modified windows ?
      try make ur another hdd bootable with bcdedit and config it to load the system from the os hdd

      try recover the winload.exe from the disk

      try maybe set the entry to sos mod or debugging or ems to search for newer hardware


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      I have the same issue on my laptop. It randomly started happening. I’ll lock it or put it to sleep. From there it will randomly go to a black screen and the only way to fix it is to do a hard reboot on it.

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