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      Hi Guys.

      I’m looking for an answer. Is there any way to rebuild w28kr2 installation disk with programs like VLITE? I would like to shrink installation to the minimum. Throw away drivers and a lot of other stuff. With windows 7 – people are able to go down to about 2,5gb after full install. Normal install is about 10gb-12gb.

      Thank you for reply!

      I was trying to run VLITE – but no success.

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      Hi sviru, I think there are some motivated individuals on the MSFN Forums that have managed to get these to fly with various degrees of success on Server 2008 R2. It will probably be pretty hit and miss though as I think a lot of people kind of lost interest when nuhi stopped supporting vLite, and Rockers 7Lite while a nice effort is still new, and doesn’t have nuhi behind it…


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      Hi !

      I honestly would not take R2 to pieces, and I will explain you why.

      Lots of people including myself tried it and managed to get the release unstable, even it’s advertised on the tools that you can remove the components safely.

      But you can try R2 Server Customization Tool from Rockers Team.


      ExpertUser 😎

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      I agree with ExpertUser, the Microsoft Server operating systems have not been under the microsope of system internals hack & tweak Fans as much or for as long as the consumer Microsoft operating systems.

      nuhi spent nearly a decade taking Windows XP apart, and Vista since before it was in MSDN beta (he had a good hook up). While there’s a lot of of simularities between the Microsoft operating systems, there are also unforgiving differences.

      If you’re an enthusiast, that doesn’t mind trying to trade stability for smaller form factors and performance; go for it, all these project need people to help test, tweak and explore, but if you’re looking for the equivelent of an embedded Server OS; not yet…


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