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      I installed the Dell OEM version (64 bit) of Windows Server 2008 and discovered a very cool thing. In my case I have a Dell Dimension E520 (purchased in late 2006) and my bios has a SLIC table entry that eliminates the need to validate Windows Server 2008, ever.

      All the drivers I need are there and no tweaking is needed.

      I saved $800+

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        Sounds like you are a lucky guy! 😉 Thanks for this information; it will probably also work for other Dell Dimension E520 owners, but they will need to have the Dell OEM dvd of Windows Server 2008 (x64)…

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        I have a Dell PowerEdge 2950 Server. As delivered from Dell it has configuration script that runs when you power it up. Lets you set some basic system options for the remote management etc and then prompts you for the OS CD. If I recall correctly the menu had options for Windows Server 2003 (several versions) Red Hat Server and Windows 2008. I am running Windows 2008 Standard 64 Bit version…works great except the Broadcom network cards are lame. I have 2 nics and it took me several hours of searching to find the software to team the cards….lame Dell and lame Broadcom. I did have to activate my copy of Windows Server 2008 on this machine.

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