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      There is a problem I have since 2 or 3 months: On the login informations get lost, immediately. This is always a problem when I try to download any attachment.
      On is everything fine, but not on the other domain …

      I tested it on IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera – everytime the same problem.

      Grml …

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        It looks like you have the same problem as described in [localurl=viewtopic.php?p=7461#p7461:nhoi686w]this[/localurl:nhoi686w] topic. Both the win2008workstation and win2008r2workstation urls work, however the forum is originally created for the first domain so the non-relative urls it dynamically generates are thus pointing to that domain. If you are logged in at the r2 variant, but the url points to the non-r2 domain, you will not be authenticated.

        Solution: use to login and to browse the forum and delete all win2008r2workstation/forum/* urls in your browsing history. 🙂

        Edit: Just viewed [localurl=viewtopic.php?p=7490#p7490:nhoi686w]this[/localurl:nhoi686w] topic, and in the bottom of the post he refers to some downloads which are non-relatie urls to files at the r2 variant. Coming week I have exams, but after that I will create a .htaccess redirect rule which redirects all r2/forum/ requests to the non-r2 variant.

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        Thanks a lot …

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          The redirect to the non-r2 forum has now been implemented for both http and https connections which solves the session/cookie problems. :geek:

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          Thank you!

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          I think, angelmx8 is a bot …

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