Win Server 2008 requires DVD to be in drive or BOOTMGR error

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      Haha nice work! 😉 Hope other people with a similar problem can also fix it using your post! 🙂

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      I installed the program as instructed, but if I remove the dvd from the drive and restart, it says BootMgr error that there is no bootable device. If I put the dvd back in the restart and then not press anything, just let the dvd autostart time out it starts fine…

      I have a 80GB primary drive and a 160GB secondary… , and two DVD-RWs…any reason why it might be doing this?

      Just wanted to clarify a few things. It says “BOOTMGR is missing, Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart, it will say this until the dvd is inserted, the dvd drives check for a boot device before the hard drive in the boot order, it reads the dvd, asks to press a button to boot the dvd, but I don’t press anything and it boots fine then.

      I changed the boot order of my two hard drives so that the secondary was first and the primary was second and now it works fine… lol

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