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      I thought I would post a detailed review of why the Microsoft Surface tablet is an absolutely fantastic device. For Part 1 of the review I will only be discussing the compelling reasons to why you would want to own this device. In part 2 and 3 I will be going over the negatives and finally provide my input to the criticism/feedback this device as received in the market thus far.


      The Microsoft Surface is not just your average tablet. It is sleek, innovative, and a truly creative design. I believe there is only so much you should expect out of a tablet, and one that can surpass your expectations is worth taking a second look. Below is a list of compelling reasons to own a Microsoft Surface. Some of these features are quite mind-blowing actually.

      1. Great for note talking

      *Tablet pen input is pretty incredible on this device with accuracy up to .7mm from the pen to the screen. In simple terms, where you want to place the pen on the tablet is exactly where it will end up. Precision is a must for me in a tablet form factor.

      * The digital ink scales to 600 DPI which provides unparalleled clarity when you want to take notes. This means when you zoom in, the ink is just as clear as if you zoomed out. It doesn’t distort or pixelate when you zoom in.

      *The hardware itself can recognize the difference between finger input and stylus input by means of a digitizer. This means when you’re taking notes on the screen, it won’t bounce around or move on you. It even goes one step further and disables touch input so if you accidently write over a hyperlink it doesn’t process your command as a “left click” and open the page!

      2. Design

      There are many innovative ideas integrated into this device, which make it a great tablet.

      *The Kickstand. Hands-free viewing can provide many benefits from as simple as watching movies to as complex as using the tablet as a systems monitoring device. Flip the kickstand up and set it on your desk. Whenever a new email pops up, a tweet, breaking news, whatever you’re instantly informed. It’s like having your own secretary beside you, keeping you informed at all times.

      *Touch-friendly OS. The Windows 8 kernel shines doing what a tablet should do best… TOUCH!

      *Feels great in the palm of your hands. The chambered angles and 22 degree slope makes the device really feel solid in the hands. It’s not too heavy, grips very nicely and just feels natural in your hands/lap.

      *The perimeter-venting design is just genius in my opinion. Given that Microsoft perceives this device as a potential “laptop replacement” for some people (even though its not), the ability to use it as a laptop without feeling like its burning a hole in your pants is a must. I like the way they engineered the perimeter-venting option to keep the device cool to the touch at all times.

      3. Build Quality

      *Build quality is very nice. From the scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 2 display to the ultra durable magnesium casing, the product feels like its made of high-build quality. This may seem silly, but a product can have completely tech geeky specs in it, but it looks and feels cheap, most average consumers would overlook it.

      4. Great for Productivity

      And not just productivity in the workplace, but heavily involved in your personal routines and social life as well.

      *Office 2013 home and student edition for RT is a major plus for college students, teachers, IT professionals and the like. Personally, I use a Microsoft Office product everyday (I’m using Office right now as we speak in this review) so its big part of my life. 90% of the market owns a Windows PC and probably has depended on Office at one point or another.

      *Pinning an app to the side allows for getting routine tasks done quicer. While its not a true “multitasking” replacement, it certainly allows you to get things done in a timely fashion.

      5. Great for business

      *VPN support. The integrated VPN support provides a seameless connection from your home to the workplace.

      *Microsoft Office Support

      *Active Directory, legacy desktop support on Surface Pro option.

      *Support for aircards, other mifi devices also available on Pro edition since its running the full blown NT kernel.

      Microsoft is heavily involved in IT and businesses alike. However to reek the full advantage, the only viable option available for businesses is the Surface Pro.

      6. Security

      *On-the-fly encryption – The Microsoft Surface filesystem is always actively protecting your data. Even if you make a one letter change to a document, that document is updated and kept encrypted.

      *Remote wiping capabilities

      *Windows RT apps are more secure by default. Each app runs in its own protected memory space. Arbitary code cannot execute on behalf of another program and make it do things its was not intended to do. In simpler terms, the “Metro” enviornemnt provides a solid barrier against most common malware-ridden programs. I’m not saying its impervious to security threats (as indicated by security bulletin MS12-076) but its definitely a promising start nonetheless.

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