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      … please include if you tried it on x86 or x64 versions. As we’ve encountered, there are difference in what will and will not run. For example, the 64 bit version has additional checks for drivers. Some Anti-virus programs will run on x86 but not x64. And finally my favorite x86 vs x64 wierdness, we found that the Roxio Media Manager portion of the Blackberry Desktop would not install on x86 but runs perfectly in x64 – go figure.

      One easy way is if you put your info in your sig include it there…

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      OK! thank for your post i just do it in my post http://www.win2008workstation.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=124&p=288#p288

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      use the old nod32 2.7
      wont metter if its 64bit or 32bit server client

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