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      Hi there,
      I want some consultation about something strange regarding my WS2K8 R2. So – 5 days ago i make a clean installation after format, and in fact the old one who was on my hard disk was pre-release that finish yesterday.So all the day – i mean yesterday system sended to me msg’s that pre-release end in the same day.This is little strange to me.There i can show you a screen with my status just right now.These two services are disabled by me.So i have restarts on 2 hours but excluding that all looking normal for me. On the screen there’s no watermark that copy is not geniune.The MS tool- microsoft geniune advantage diagnostic tool returns msg that my status is invalid license. My questions is – is it some that i can be worried about?

      re:i figured out what’s happen – prerelease ended on 1 closed!

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