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        Microsoft’s WebsiteSpark is a program to help website development startups and individuals. To be eligible for you need to:

        · be an individual that does not own or work for a web design company
        · or an employee of a privately held web dev company with less then 10 employees

        What interested me about WebsiteSpark is that you get a license for Windows Server 2012, and when enrolled you will also get licenses for several other compelling Microsoft products:

        · Windows Server 2012 Standard (5x keys)
        · SQL Server 2012 Web Edition (static activation key)
        · Visual Studio Professional 2012 (static activation key)
        · Expression Studio 4 Premium (1x Key)
        · Expression Studio 4 Web Professional (1x Key)

        The offer enrolls you in WebsiteSpark for three years, however you must confirm your membership at the end of each year, and have a live website at the end of the first year, and the keys are for your use only.

        Not sure if there are any limitations as far as country but language packages are part of everything you download so I expect it’s pretty liberal. It takes about 3-5 business days from when you register to when your account gets activated and you have full access. Lastly I don’t know if the license keys are perpetual like MSDN keys or expire when you retire the offer — but if anyone finds out let me know!


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