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      Hey there people, I have would like some other opinions about creating a domain for one of my clients.
      I would like to know about how much I should charge to setup a domain, create a basic website, and set up new 2 new email accounts.
      I’m just wondering what the going rate would be to do this stuff.
      Mainly I need info for the domain and creating the website
      I’m going to have to set up his old email to send his new email every time somebody sends him an email.
      Maybe if someone could provide me with some info I could use so that he is satisfied with my work.
      I dont have any experience in doing this, but I am very confident in my abilities to make this happen.
      I am the one tech support for a 50 person small business in Dallas. So I have an idea of what to do already
      but this will be my first solo endeavor. Any help would be appreciated.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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