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      Hello, I am not sure if you guys have this problem… but here is the deal..
      This is happening when hosting a WebEx session AND I am sharing an application..
      If I resize/move the shared app (e.g. Internet Explorer), the computer COMPLETELY locks up! Even the mouse locks up.. .

      I have to force power off and restart..
      Has anybody seen this?

      NOTE: This is happening with both the WebEx Java client and the WebEx ActiveX control on both IE7 and latest Firefox…

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      OK, I am answering my own question.. maybe it will be helpful for others..
      When you resize a shared application in a WebEx session, your computer will completely lock up.

      This is a Vista (Win2008 Svr) issue. There is a ‘hotfix’ available from Microsoft, but you have to go thro many hoops to get to it..

      The WebEx knowledge base talks about this

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      Thanks for posting this response. Yours was the only explanation and an excellent one. I had to do two reboots today alone. Hopefully, this hotfix will correct the problem. I can’t thank you enough!

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      Just my two cents…

      According to the Knowledgebase Article there, “This problem occurs because of an error in the Win32k.sys file.”

      If a system driver has an error, why the heck isn’t it included in Automatic Updates? 👿

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