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      I have experienced instability with my G92 based GPUs that also ends up in system file corruption on WS2008 and VISTA.

      Problems include:
      – BSoDs while gaming
      – Random BSoDs while at desktop with Aero enabled.
      – Corrupted Hive information. Specifically winipsec and locations/files that deal with networkIP/security/BOOT-INFO.
      – Loss of use of secondary GPUs until driver is re-installed from safe-mode.
      – Inability to use multiple monitors after BSoD.
      – Some seemingly random stop codes that have NO DEFINITION!!

      Don’t use 18x.xx drivers if you have a G92 based Nvidia 8800 series GPU.
      ex.: any 8800 series card with 512mb/1gb memory. [GT and GTS]

      I had to do a fresh install of ws2k8 to stop the random errors/corruption, even after going down to 17x.xx drivers.

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      I just installed 182.08 from tweakforce.com [tweakforce = no Physx drivers package] and NO ISSUES in WS2008.

      Can it be that the 8.10 physx drivers are causing this behavior on g92 cards?

      I have Physx 8.9.4 installed [from 178.24: last known WORKING nvidia drivers for G92 8800 owners], and as soon as I install 8.10 I get the BSoDs/hardlocks/corruption again…. I think I may have found the issue with 18x.xx and G92 88’s!

      Tweakforce drivers : without Physx driver packages – http://www.tweakforce.com

      Games that fail consistently under 182.06/08 WITH Physx version 8.10 are:
      – DiRT
      – COD:W@W
      – Bioshock

      These games run flawlessly WITHOUT physx drivers 8.10 [Included in official 182.xx drivers], by instead using 8.9.4 from the 178.24 drivers.

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