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      hi, i have problems with my wacom – its lags more than under xp64
      is there a way to uninstall the table pc input service so that the wacom driver works
      atm if i disable the service the wacom has no function or any other trick so i get nice
      response from my wacom – in vista 64bit you can uninstall the table pc stuff but the server
      if different here –

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      you may want to update to the latest and greatest drivers as there’s some fixes for performance under vistax64 which should affect win2k8


      I also hope this is the usb version that you have due to the serial devices being phased out. Also you will need to clear your current settings by following the instructions on that page to take in the new changes.

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      Good to know this I am getting a wacom for my beeday! yey

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      thanks for guide me to the new .06 driver but it doesn’t help very much – i think the main problem is
      the table pc driver that sits under the wacom driver – you cant deinstall this on server2008
      on vista 64 you can and have only the wacom driver running – i can work with this setup but it feels not so responsive like under xp64 if anyone knows how to get rid of this table pc stuff will be great 🙂

Viewing 3 reply threads
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