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      I’ve struggled with this one for a little while. I’m hoping to get W8 update, KB2712101, installed onto my Server 2012 workstation but I’m receiving a ‘Package is not applicable to the image.’ error.

      Does anyone know of a way ’round this when installing updates specifically for Windows 8 onto Server 2012?

      There are alternatives I could use but it’d be nice to use the Windows 8 update for a more streamline solution.


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      Hi !

      Have you tried this: “How to install programs with “server-allergy” ?


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      Many thanks for your reply! I have given your guide a shot, no luck I’m afraid. Tried with read rights set to deny, the .cab file extracted and the application verifier tweaks in place (and various combinations of those suggestions) but the response continues to be “The update is not applicable to your computer” or “Package is not applicable to the image”.

      Perhaps this one just isn’t compatible?

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      You are welcome.
      Those “tricks” are the first to try whenever you have a program that doesn´t install normally.
      Some programs can be installed by using the methods in the guide, while other refuses even when you try combinations of those methods.

      Another thing to try is “compatibility-mode”, fx. “Windows 8”.
      I remember when W7-beta was released, one program was hard to get working properly.
      This was a few years ago, but if i remember correctly that program required running the installer in “compatibility-mode”, and then starting the program normally (without compatibility-mode) after installation.

      I might have found a clue to why some programs are impossible to install, when i tracked the running processes of an installer i saw some interesting registry-checks.
      I might have found something…
      But that´s another story, more research are needed before we can have a solution for that.

      Btw, are you sure you downloaded the right version of that update ?
      I looked at that KB and noticed 2 versions, 32-bit & 64-bit.
      Just a thought…

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      Yeah sorry, I linked the x86 version but I have been trying with both. Unfortunately this is an MSU file and therefore there is no compatibility option, an update is for a specific (set of) OS.

      I managed to extract two dlls (MicrosoftRawCodec.dll & MicrosoftRawCodec64.dll) from the W7 MSI. Unfortunately the MSI doesn’t work using your guide nor compatibility mode.

      I installed the W7 MSI on a virtual machine to record the registry changes, but the number of changes that look to be W7 specific in that set-up are huge and I just don’t have the time or patience to go through and change everything on the off-chance it might work!

      Think I’ll invest in Adobe Lightroom! Student discount will surely take away some of the sting… 😕

      Update: For those looking, good (but not free) alternative: ‘FastPictureViewer Codec Pack’, working for me on Server 2012.

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