W2k8 x64 on HP nx 7400, Bluetooth works but slow nic

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      Hi Guys,
      sorry for my bad English but i hope you will understand the most.

      I was bored of the old win XP and the lack Performance of Vista on my HP nx 7400 Laptop.
      So i have decided to install w2k8 Server x64 on it.
      Most Things work perfect and i found many tips here in the Forum, thanks for that.

      The first big Problem was Bluetooth. I hve tryed many things, most services work now. I had to install the Broadcom drivers from Lenovo http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-67866.html and the BT File from the Forum here. My PC Card Bluetooth mouse works perfect now, thats all i need.

      RM Clock works also with the digital singed Files from http://www.evga.com/precision/

      The only Thing in the moment what makes my head working is the network speed. I use Cryptload to download files from Rapidshare. On my old systems i have about 700 k/sec, now i only have 450 k/sec. Also the download speed with FlashGet and the dl Manager from Firefox is bad.
      Anyone have a idea what that can be?

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        What is your download speed if you do a speedtest at http://www.speedtest.net/? (Just to make sure Rapidshare isn’t the cause of your slow download speed). If everything you download is slower as usual, maybe one of these solutions can help you.

        Hope this leads to the cause/solution of your problem! 🙂

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        This will not help your download speeds but you can really tweak Win2K8 lan speeds by adjusting the packet size…..

        1) Open Control PanelNetwork and Sharing Center
        2) Click Manage Network Connections….you will see you NIC card – Right click on it and select properties
        3) Click on the Configure Tab and then on the Advanced Tab.
        4) Select Flow Control and make sure it is Enabled
        5) Select Speed and Duplex and choice Auto Negotiation
        6) Select Jumbo Frame and pick a Value…this is the real speed boost setting but you will need to have Vista Machines or Windows Server 2008 machines to take advantage of it.

        As a benchmark running through a Cisco 1 GB Switch running Fiber I am hitting 90% network through put after these changes and only 25-30% before or when connecting to any older machines on my network.

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          Thanks Vulcan! I didn’t know that tweak. I don’t use the network that often (beside of the NIC that is connected to a 20Mbit ADSL2+ modem), but my brother will like it as this is the file server. :geek:

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