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      Hi everyone.

      All my testing has come up negative in trying to run VMWare Server 1.0.5 on Server 200 64 bit. I can run it on XP 64 bit, Server 2003 64 bit, but not Server 2008 64 bit. Even with a fresh install it won’t connec to the local host. Typing in localhost comes up with an error as well when trying to connect.

      Has anyone out there got this running on 2008 64 bit ??



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      I downloaded it, I will test it later, and tell you what happens

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      Vmware version 1.0.5 doesnt have support for server 2008 as host and only limited support for guest functions

      you need to download the version 2.0 (beta) to use it on a 2k8 machine and to get full 2k8 guest support

      i think even vmware workstation 6 only has experimental support for 2k8 might be why i get bad performance on my xp host for it but still it more responsive then vista which is kinda funny since 2k8 is being crippled by lack of guest support lol

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      Yeah, I got 3 errors just trying to do the install. It was a driver error, a warning message about me having to do an manual install since the driver failed, and something else that I just forgot.

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      I know that VMWare Server 2 Beta supports it but I HATE the new interface.

      Oh well… if anyone finds a way to get it working, let me know..


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      there wont be a way of making it compatible because its to do with the way the program has been written there has to be support built into the software to make it work on server 2008 so i guess even thouhg you dont like it youl have to use server 2

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