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      First off, I wanna say this site has been really helpful (got a copy of server 2008 through dreamspark!), and I hope I am posting in the right forum (this really should fall under “general issues” or something like that).

      I’ve gone through all the basic stuff outlined in the main guide, got Aero working, etc. But there remains one niggling issue: every time I log in after a fresh boot, I have to re-enable visual effects (e.g. live window dragging) under Control Panels > System > Advanced system settings > “Advanced” tab > Settings… (under “Performance”). Anyone know how to do something about this? Also, switching users (say, from my main account to “Administrator”) typically will cause Aero to turn itself off. (This is 32-bit btw.)

      A corollary to this is the login screen. I haven’t really used “home” Vista enough to know if it also does this, but going back to the login screen seems to prompt a resolution switch of some sort, which is an extra delay and may have something to do with aero turning itself off. (Also wouldn’t mind if there were a way to rip off the aurora graphic from a home install, but that’s pretty minor.)

      Some other stuff I’m trying to figure out: anyone else have an ATI video card? ATI TrayTools’ refresh lock doesn’t seem to work in Vista (at least with my ancient Radeon 9800) and this is really annoying as I have a CRT that many games will default down to 60 Hz of death by eyestrain.

      In addition, my keyboard is this awesome pre-2000 IBM monstrosity where each press feels like launching a nuclear missile or something, but… no Windows key. What would be a good way to spoof this since Vista puts this button to better use than XP?

      Finally, I am trying to disable Java’s stupid auto-updater, but every time I run msconfig as admin (or try to use the actual control panel which only lets me make changes as admin) I’m pretty sure it only gets disabled for Administrator, since the Java control panel in my main account still shows the auto-update box as checked, but who knows. Can anyone give me any tips on how Vista does things or how I can check this?

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        It’s weird that when switching to an other user, Aero turns itself off. Have you set the startup type of the Themes service to Automatic? Does the eventlog (Start->Run->eventvwr.msc)say something about it? (for example that the theme service crashed?) btw. the Performance properties can also be accessed by typing SystemPropertiesPerformance in Start->Run. As a workaround it is possible to find out which registry keys/values correspond to which checks in that screen to let them be set automatically each at logon.

        As far as i know the resolution is equal for all users, but like you say, I think it might have something to do with the other problem.

        I don’t have a ATI graphics card, but you can find or ask about your problem in the topic ATI Catalyst Control Center cannot start. I expect the ATI TrayTools’ application is included in the Catalyst Control Center?

        I always use Sysinternals Autoruns to disable all useless autostart items like the Java Auto-Updater. I’m sure you ‘ll like this tool! 😉

        Good luck! 🙂

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