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      Hello guys! I successfully got video wallpaper to work last night! It turns out to be easy – just VLC with some minor setup:

      Here is what I did in VLC:

      – on the control: set “loop one” – the second rightmost tool-button
      – in preferences (use advanced and search for these options):

      • Audio Enable audio: off
      • Input/Codecs Video codecs FFmpeg: Hardware decoding: on
      • Interface Main interfaces qt Systray icon: on
      • Interface Main interfaces qt Show notification popup on track change: off
      • Interface Main interfaces qt Start VLC with only a systray icon: on
      • Video Key press events: off
      • Video Mouse events: off
      • Video Enable wallpaper mode: on
      • Video Output modules Video output module: Direct3D video output
      • Video Show media title on video: off
      • Video Subtitles/OSD On Screen Display: off


      • desktop icons are hidden though right-click menu is accessible. You need extra apps such as XWidget to add shortcuts on deesktp. Not really convenient if you have dozens of icons on desktop.
      • VLC is likely to crash when you play full-screen games.
      • VLC has to be restarted manually if you restart explorer.exe.
      • VLC uses all montiors for video playback, therefore you would need huge video like 3840×1080 for it to cover the background of dual monitors. It could be done by using Avisynth script, xvid encoder, and VirtualDub to combine video files side-by-side. Simply install all 3 of them (32-bit Avisynth/VirtualDub is easier), and create avs script as the following:
        a = DirectShowSource("Highnoon_Falls.xvid.mpg")
        b = DirectShowSource("Skyhigh.xvid.mpg")
        StackHorizontal(a, b)

        (the source doesn’t need to be mpeg; they just have to be playable by your WMP, with right codec supported/installed)

        1. Open .avs in VirtualDub like a video file (to windows and mplayer, it is indeed a virtual video file that merges multiple sources on-the-fly, but VLC couldn’t play it, hence conversion is required)
        2. In VirtualDub menu, Video Compression, select XVid MPEG-4 Codec, configure: you could use Xvid HD 720 with maximum quality.
        3. In VirtualDub menu, File Save as AVI, save the avs as a ordinary AVI file (with xvid encoding) which you could play with VLC
        4. Done! (I have zero knowledge of avs before this, for advanced use please read their manual)

      PS: the DreamScene replacement everyone talk about on youtube is actually “PUSH Entertainment’s Video Wallpaper”. It’s shareware and doesn’t work with multi-monitor (shown only on first monitor)

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        What you have explained is nice, but is it better than the default option provided in VLC for running videos in wallpaper mode. If yes, how?

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          the default shows the VLC window during playback, which you have to hide it by clicking on tray icon – every time you play a new DreamScene video. It also disables right-click menu on desktop, and probably interferes with keyboard shortcuts too when you focus on desktop (= VLC)

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