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      Let me just say, Server 2008 is amazing. In these videos I demonstrate the restart time, start up time, and shutdown time of my machine on Server 2008. I also demonstrate how quick the programs launch with the help of the very useful eboostr. As you can see my machine is very snappy and loves 2008! And I love 2008! Can you see why?!!

      Shutdown time:
      Startup time:
      Restart time:

      What do you guys think of my boot times? Not too shabby eh.

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      very good i gonna test it on vhd 🙂 with ssd

      did u tweaked it with vlite or something ?

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        That’s nice! PC starts in 30 seconds (BIOS screen time excluded) to a fast&usable OS, and it shuts down as if you cut off the power 🙂

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