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      Hello all , I have a very strange issue which I could not troubleshoot from a long time . I have K-lite codec pack installed with default configuration and media player classic which I use, as well I have Video Lan player . The problem is that every time I open a video files it starts very slowly and the cpu load goes to 100% . Then after a few seconds it starts normaly and without any delay . I thought that there is probably some file hash checking or something similar , but I have not found such options in the codec configuration. It’s very strange because my pc is good enough to not delay on video files. I have Q6600 . The problem is the same with the both players and all codecs i have tested. Probably it’s related to the nvidia drivers – I have EN9600 video card . Has someone experience such problems , I’ll be very thankful for any ideas .

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      I have notice that in safe mode the videos are starting ok , so the problem must be related to some of the services , I have tried to turn off most of them but still could not troubleshoot as well I could verify which of the processes are using that much cpu neither from process explorer or Process Lasso 🙂 . Have you got any ideas for how to catch the service which in that moment eats so much processor time?

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      I found the problem , the Hyper-V role , services etc. caused the problem. When I turn it off very video runs ok .

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      Hyper-V causes too many problems, wonder if the R2 one works any better.

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