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      P.s. (that here means Pre Scriptum, not Post Scriptum =) ) i’m an italian boy, so my english is not very well, sorry…

      i have an hp pavillion notebook, when i buy it there was windows vista so i passed to windows server 2008
      i follow your guide, that is very useful
      but i have a problem with some drivers…
      when i tried to start games like World of Warcraft (XD) the computer shows me an errore message “failed to find a suitable display device. exiting program”, so i can’t play
      i have some problem with the interface, too
      i cannot use aero and i cannot use another interface that i download, too
      i download everest but it said that there aren’t problem but…
      if i go on Start->control panel->device manager i note that there are many “unknown devices”, i tried to automatically upgrade but it doesn’t…
      i have the list of the unknown devices but it is in italian
      so, i can post the screenshots, but they are in italian, too

      P.s. (here means Post Scriptum =) ) in your answers i’m glad if you don’t use abbreviations (i find this word on google translate, i don’t know if it is right) like u-you or similar, because i don’t know them, thank you

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        Using the Devices -> Windows Devices section in Lavalys Everest it should be possible to get the names of the devices and look them up on the internet in order to find the drivers. More info in the manual: – Drivers in Server 2008.

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