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      Hi, my daddy’s got a lappy with x64 windows 2008 std onboard, its parameters are quite good so comes a c2d 2,0×2 processor and a 4GB of ram… Windows Server goes very good except the startup time which is about 2-3 minutes or so. I’ve previously had a 2008 winserver lappy which had the same problem although it booted a little faster (and had well worse parameters). I love Windows Server and I’m about to get a new lappy so I am interested if something can be done with this? I love Win2008 othervise and really don’t want to stick with any Vista or XP, or Linux.

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      Not really sure about this, however i’ve seen this same problem happening in vista, someone told me it might be a driver issue. My current PC takes 35secs to load desktop on server 2008 x64 and it’s a c2d e2160 (2.3GHz), 2GB ram so it’s nothing impressive really. I’d look for some software/driver that might be taking long to start maybe wifi?

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