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      I noticed that Ventrilo was listed as an application that’s working under Server 2008.

      For some reason though, mine gets stuck on “Contacting Server” and will not connect.

      All of the server/port/password information is correct b/c it works fine on a separate machine running XP on the same network.

      Is there a Feature I need to see in the Server Management to enable Ventrilo to connect?

      I also made sure it was listed as allowed under Windows Firewall.


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        I just tested Ventrillo v3.0.3.Alpha.8 x64 and tried to connect to some testserver and it worked.

        It can’t be a server feature/role you need to install first before you can connect to a Ventrilo server so try to find out what is blocking Ventrilo from connecting to the server. Try disabling all security software installed and also Windows Firewall which can be turned off in Start -> Run -> Services.msc.

        Good luck!

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