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      I have a dual boot. So the games were already installed under XP. I just redirected the server 2008 “My Documents” folder to the XP “My Documents” folder on a different partition.

      The only problem I had is that Witcher is trying to use a foreign language that I didn’t install, so the text doesnt show up. I’m sure if I can change it back to english it will work just fine. Crysis has an issue with the menus and the mouse doesnt line up with the buttons. DX10 works. Crysis runs just as good as XP. The games play just fine. If you have legal copies they ask for the reg code again and then fire right up.

      I got some more games I will add to this list.

      Edit: Crysis works 100%, just make sure you have full screen and vsync checked. The mouse will work fine then.

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