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      I have decided to buy a new TV card, one thats compatible with Windows2008Workstation.
      I would like to view and record TV, and possible have access to an online guide, like you do in MCE.

      If anyone can recommend a hardware/software package combination, please do below.


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      I took the problematic Pinnacle card back to the shop after much time wasting, and returned home today with an AverMedia AverTV Hybrid Volar HX, this might sound like a fancy TV card, but actually its one of the cheapest on the market.

      I was pretty happy to see it came with some connectors, and even its own little remote, but since I have an MCE Remote, I won’t be using it, still it was nice of them to throw in these accessories.

      I installed it this time around, first on my Win2008Workstation installation, and was amazed to see decent TV Quality and Sound, this is the first time I have seen any TV card work, since upgrading to Windows2008Workstation, but the AverTV App did not work perfectly, it only found 1 channel, and the next time I tried a channel scan, it found some other random channel, again only 1. But I have a feeling that these problems can be worked around. I will test the card using Sage TV, and see if the channel scanning is any better. Main thing is that this card got the sound and video right, first time around.

      I then took the card over to my 2nd laptop running Windows Vista, and just installed the drivers, not the AverTV Package, the drivers installed without requiring a reboot, and I checked in the control panel to make sure the device was found and drivers were installed. I then fired up Windows Media Center and ran the Setup, All I can say is WoW – the whole experience was very clean and not one error, all channels found, all with great video quality and sound.

      So Yes, I recommend this card and back it 100%, I have also decided that Pinnacle TV cards should be avoided at all costs, the AverMedia is cheaper and seems to work without requiring much effort or hacks.

      On another subject, with my TV card in place, I can finally get rid of that annoying Vista Partition, and just run Windows20008Workstation, thank you AverMedia!!!

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      What are the full specs on that card does it have the audio jacks? Alot of the cards don’t you have to feed it through speakers directly. I cannot get my hauppauge (non USB) working in S08 due to the driver signing issues!!! Anyone know of a better way! There has to be! This is supposedly a MCE card if that helps.

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