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      I have a T400 with Server 2008 Enterprise. All of the sudden I can no longer use anything plugged into my USB ports. In device manager it just shows 2 Human Interface Devices for my keyboard and mouse, with the yellow warning sign next to the name. The error given is this:
      “Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)”

      I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the devices and get nothing. I uninstalled reinstalled the chipset drivers and root USB hub, also to no avail.

      Oddly enough the USB keyboard and mouse work just fine in the BIOS or when I boot from a CD. But as soon as I start Windows the devices stop working.

      I also have the same problem when I plug in USB thumb drives or external hard drives. The show up in Device Manager but I cant do anything with them in Windows Explorer.

      Any ideas? it’s defintiely driver/software related. just not sure where or how.

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      That was one of the tools I used in troubleshooting. I ended up never finding an answer, so I just went back to Vista x64.
      Thanks, though.

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      Sad to hear that. Must of been some wierd driver problem! Sorry. Peace.

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