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      I modified bdaforserver by replacing all the files with the ones precent in Windows 7 client.
      After that I ran it and my analoge TV tuner card Pinnacle 110i works perfectly.
      I am using Cyberlinlink Powercinema on server 2008 RC2.
      All the files are in there so don’t use the cmd file to collect them.

      Would you like these files, at your own risk;

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      Did you just take all this from might I ask? 😯

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      @JonusC wrote:

      Did you just take all this from might I ask? 😯

      I did,
      downloaded windows 7, ripped all de files from SYSwow64 and put it in de BDA folder.
      After that my analog TV card did work within server 7 x64.
      I sended a PM to the owner of the BDA project if he was interrested in the files. Since I didn’t got any respond I did put the file on rapidshare and posted it here in order to help others.

      Hopefully that’s ok since i am new to this.

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      Well kudos to you brother for doing that for us then! 🙂

      Yeah I think that’s OK, well… the 2008 Workstation Converter Tool contains official Vista DLL’s so that’s the same thing really. It’s the ones that say “DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 2008 CRA.CK HERE!” that are naughty in my opinion, that’s not what the forum/site is about I reckon 😉

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