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      Got a question. Right now i finished a clean install of R2, now got a system full of generical device drivers. Usually i put the cd from manufacturers and then update. Now, some of the setup installers (only .exe, none .msi) says something like “system support cd doesn’t support this operational system (WNT_6.1I_64).”

      Found that somewhere too:

      ;WIN_4.00 = Win95
      ;WIN_4.03 = Win95 ; OSR21
      ;WIN_4.10 = Win98
      ;WIN_4.11 = Win98 ; 98SE
      ;WIN_4.90 = WinME
      ;WNT_4.0 = WinNT40
      ;WNT_4.0P = WinNT40P
      ;WNT_5.0 = WinNT50
      ;WNT_5.0P = WinNT50P
      WNT_5.1P_MCE = WinNT51MCE
      WNT_5.1H = WinNT51H
      WNT_5.1P = WinNT51P
      WNT_5.2 = WinNT52
      WNT_5.2I = WinNT52I
      WNT_5.2P = WinNT52P
      WNT_5.2A = WinNT52A
      WNT_6.0P_32 = Vista32
      WNT_6.0P_32_MCE = Vista32
      WNT_6.0H_32 = Vista32
      WNT_6.0H_32_MCE = Vista32
      WNT_6.0P_64 = Vista64
      WNT_6.0P_64_MCE = Vista64
      WNT_6.0H_64 = Vista64
      WNT_6.0H_64_MCE = Vista64
      WNT_6.0_32 = Win200832
      WNT_6.0I_64 = Win200864
      WNT_6.0A_64 = Win200864
      WNT_6.1P_32 = Win7_32
      WNT_6.1P_32_MCE = Win7_32
      WNT_6.1H_32 = Win7_32
      WNT_6.1H_32_MCE = Win7_32
      WNT_6.1P_64 = Win7_64
      WNT_6.1P_64_MCE = Win7_64
      WNT_6.1H_64 = Win7_64
      WNT_6.1H_64_MCE = Win7_64
      ;WNT_6.1_32 = Win2008R232
      WNT_6.1I_64 = Win2008R264
      WNT_6.1A_64 = Win2008R264

      0404 = TChinese ; Tradition Chinese
      0C04 = TChinese ; HK
      0804 = SChinese ; Simplified Chinese
      0409 = English
      0809 = English
      1009 = English
      1409 = English
      0C09 = English
      1809 = English
      1C09 = English

      Default = .,AsusSetupXP_2K3.ini
      Vista32 = .,AsusSetupVista_2K8.ini
      Vista64 = .,AsusSetupVista_2K8.ini
      Win200832 = .,AsusSetupVista_2K8.ini
      Win200864 = .,AsusSetupVista_2K8.ini
      Win7_32 = .,AsusSetupWin7_32.ini
      Win7_64 = .,AsusSetupWin7_2K8R2_64.ini
      Win2008R264 = .,AsusSetupWin7_2K8R2_64.ini

      I copied the folders for a local disc and edit the files for something i thought coherent, but no success, the installers still asking for some infos from o.s. And my cd has nothing referent to server editions, only xp, vista and 7.

      Then, my first question here: is there some workaround to change the way the o.s. “presents itself” for a application? Tried the obvious “compatibilty mode”, but no matter which o.s. i choose, same message from installers appears. Found some registry entries which i changed (found some keys with “server”, replaced to “workstation”, and so on, but none has worked).

      Maybe there’s a specific key. Maybe you can help. Maybe I can have a full functional pc in minutes. (maybe i wrote too much…)

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      Microsoft’s application verifier utility intercepts the GetVersion/GetVersionEx API calls to allow applications, which use this function, to run in compatibility on legacy/unsupported systems. It might be possible to attempt this method with success, provided your manufacture’s driver utility cd uses this method.

      1. Download Application Verifier here: . You want the AMD64 msi version.

      2. Once installed launch the application verifier (x64) program.

      3. Go to File > Add Application

      4. Browse for the “setup” application file (usually setup.exe) and add the application to application verifier.

      5. Uncheck Basics checkbox. Uncheck the Compatibility checkbox.

      6. Expand the compatibility checkbox. Check only the HighVersionLie option.

      7. Highlight HighVersionLie and then right-click on it and choose Properties

      Windows 7 64-bit is Build 6.1.7600 if you have service pack 1 the build is 6.2.7600

      Input the following values, given your situation of whether you have SP1 installed or not.

      Major version: 6
      Minor version: 1 for no service pack; 2 for service pack 1
      Build number: 7600
      Service pack major: 1 if you have SP1 installed
      Product type: 1

      Product type 1 tells application verifier the OS is a desktop, and not a server (NT). This is what we need to potentially “trick” the installer into thinking we are 7 instead of R2.

      7. Click OK and then click save.

      8. Exit the application verifier utility and try launching your driver CD utility again.

      If it doesn’t work then your application doesn’t use the GetVersion/GetVersionEx API calls.

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      well, that works for a app from the mobo manufacturer, tks! the other setup.exe files still refuse to work, but i could install the drivers from windows, searching the disc from device manager. only one i still not find is catalyst, but as i can see, this is a hard one.

      anyway, its a good idea always test new device drivers, or just let it working and quiet? i dont know if this can affect the windows installation, or if server editions are more stable to do that kind of changes often.

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