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        Hi !

        The latest testresults from Matousec:

        “2013-01-18: New results have been published for:
        Comodo Internet Security Premium 6.0.260739.2674
        SpyShelter Firewall 1.5
        VIPRE Internet Security 2013 6.1.5493
        ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2013

        After quite a long time we have a new version of Comodo Internet Security here in Proactive Security Challenge 64. Comodo Internet Security confirmed its number one position on the field of Windows proactive security once again. Although it lost 2 % points comparing to its previously tested version, it is still the only product that reached over the 90% bar. 92% score for today for Comodo. Congratulations!

        SpyShelter Firewall is new to our challenge. Most of the tested products just failed hardly for the first time. Not SpyShelter Firewall! This was one of the greatest positive surprises we have had here in the last couple of months. SpyShelter scored 79 % and next time it may even go for an excellent score if its vendor fixes several minor weak points that we found. Good job!

        The previously tested paid ZoneAlarm Extreme Security performed slightly better than its free alternative ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall. However, it seems that a functionality, which was responsible for protecting the browser against various malicious techniques, was removed from ZoneAlarm Extreme Security and so this time it scored just as its free cousin tested last time – 34 %.…-challenge-64/

        Comodo firewall v6 has a new UI without the usual right-click functions on the taskbar-icon.
        The options to change security-level, fx. from “Safe” to “Training” has been removed in v6, which means that it is more complicated to switch levels, something that is usually needed everytime you want to install new software, otherwise you´ll get a lot of popups during the installation.
        The new UI is confusing and it would be better if Comodo offered the user a choice between the old and new UI.

        I tested Comodo firewall on WS2012, and as i have already posted in the securitysoftware-thread, it works on WS2012.
        I only used the HIPS (Defence+) as there is no (official) support for WS2012.
        So i used it together with Windows Firewall, with Comodo´s firewall disabled.
        I will post some testresults in another thread.

        Comodo lost 2% in Matousec´s test which means that there is 2 good reasons not to upgrade to v6….
        1. v5 has better protection
        2. v6 has a new UI without the usual right-click functions of the taskbar-icon

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