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      The intro videos have sound and everything seems to be fine, but as soon as i get to the title screen, the game goes silent – no music, no engine sounds, no nothing. Has anyone encountered this problem with TDU, or any other game before?

      PS. I am running a x64 system and the Sound card in question is Creative SB Audigy

      EDIT: I found a partial solution for this issue… problem seems to occur after installing the latest patch for the game (v1.66a), so after reinstalling the game, the sound works fine as long as i do not update TDU. I, personally, would not mind playing the default version, BUT this patch is required for the car pack DLC to work (due to which I returned to the game in the first place). T_T

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      yeah i got this problem but with mine i have reinstalled it so many times i lost count and i never updated mine (EDIT) i did ages ago i had the updater on my desctop but it said mine was up to date

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      i have the same problem but i never installed any patch i have reinstalled the game loads of times still no sound when gameplay

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