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      Hallo to all of you,

      I installed Windows Server 2008 (32 bit) on my new desktop and since that I have the following problem:

      After starting Windows Server 2008 my taskbar doesn´t appear on the screen and must be somewhere down below, so outside the screen (that´s what I guess as my folders are further down as usual). Further more the folders look higher than usual. After changing the resolution from 1680×1050 to any other resolution and later back again to 1680×1050 the taskbar appears and the folders have the regular size. That happens every time I start Windows. Why is my desktop not created as it should be from the beginning on? Has anyone an idea?

      My Hardware:
      graphics: GeForce 9500GT 1GB
      TFT-screen: Philips 220CW

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      What if…

      * You unlock your taskbar and drag it on the left, right or upperside of the screen and you restart?
      * You kill and restart explorer.exe if your taskbar doesn’t appear after startup?
      * You use a lower resolution and restart to test whether it’s the resolution that’s causing the problem?

      Can’t think of any other things to try now…

      Good luck!

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