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      System Control is a sleek gadget that gives you basic system functions like shutdown, restart, lock, task manager, run, standby, logoff, and more! Comes with 10 different skins and tons of options!

      • Easy To Use Interface
      • 12 Different Functions: Shutdown, Restart, Lock, Switch User, Task Manager, Sleep, Run, LogOff, Command Prompt, Hibernate (Hybrid Sleep), Control Panel, and Screensaver
      • 10 different Themes
      • Lock Button To Toggle Buttons On and Off
      • Buttons Can Be Re-Ordered, Disabled / Enabled
      • 3 Sizes: Small (3 Buttons), Medium (6 Buttons) and Large (12 Buttons)
      • Adaptive button layouts (ie. Small size with 4 enabled buttons will only display 4 buttons, no arrows)
      • 5 Different Button Styles
      • Command Timer With Days, Hours, and Minutes Settings
      • Bottom Text Can Be Set: 3 Different Time Formats, Date, Intl. Date, Overall CPU Usage, Overall RAM Usage, Nothing
      • In Gadget Confirmations For Powerful Functions
      • Very Customizable, Usable

      Free download from Build A here:

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