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      Hello Kirill, that’s a nice initiative! I haven’t seen/spoken Alex (sawo) for a long time either… The English language is compiled into the binary and only Alex has the source so it’s difficult to change.

      The only way to change it I can think of is by disassembling the executable using .NET Reflector and editing the texts using the Reflexil plugin for the .NET Reflector.

      However, if you know a little bit about .NET Windows Forms programming you can also create a new Converter application which is also tested voor Windows Server 2008 R2 with help of the source of the disassembled converter of sawo…


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      Hello m8!

      That´s a shame =/ Because it would be helpful if more people could contribute languages to this nice tool 😀 With a dropdown list of different languages…

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      Yeah, I hope sawo or someone else will update/create a new converter which supports separate files in which the languages can be put. When starting the application it should scan the languages folder and fill the dropdown so people can choose their own language.

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      Yeah but SAWO is nowhere to find =/

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      Hey folks!

      Due to lack of respect from Sawo (Have tried reach him for almost half a year now) but he hasn´t respond yet…
      Therefore I just wounder how do I enable the Swedish translation for this app? Or does anyone have the corefiles so I can compile it myself?


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