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      Windows 7 Boot screen for Srv 08 R2
      Windows Sidebar for Srv 08 R2 Server
      Windows 7 Themes for Srv 08 R2 Server
      Windows 7 Welcome Screen for Srv 08 R2

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        Nice work, crskyoem! 😀 Using the files in your package I updated the manual with pages Boot Screen and Logon Screen and added step 7 to the Themes page with credits to you of course! 🙂

        One question: which tool did you use to modify the imageres.dll files? I tried Visual Studio 2008, but after copying all binary image data from the Windows 7 images to the Windows Server 2008 R2 equivalents, Visual Studio didn’t allow me to save the file, I expect because of some internal error. I think that is the most clean way to modify the imageres.dll file.

        Thanks! :geek:


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        wow nice!

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        so when is a full converter app like sawo’s for R1 gonna be made? Hope so soon!

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          well the workstation converter tool for server2008 r1 works just fine with r2 too. actually it would be quite strange if it wouldnt, since there are no major changes in the system basics. and all the other tweaks, tools and optimizations for r1 do as well…

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          and what about r1SP2? Can I safely use that with that as well? Others have reported problems very diverse like unable to boot while using it.

          some people have different results with R2.

          I don’t want to switch codebase os yet. I am also wating till I get my SSD drive for R2 witch may be 6 months or more.

          I want to be with SP2 but I cannot custom theme and I cannot enable a few things on the WS2008convert application by sawo becuase others have reported alot of problems with it. I don’t want to revert to SP1 ether.

          what shall I do?

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