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      You all know for sure that obscure service that is available since Windows Vista called Superfetch, correct ? In XP it was there too but called in a different way.

      If you have no idea what it is and do think it’s a PS3 Arcade Game, please read here ->

      Now on Server 2008 R2 that feature was not available although it was implemented in kernel, and therefor not activated.

      So we fiddled around for month with lots of members and devs here to get it working and we finally managed with lots of testing and research.

      In Server 2012 the service is there, stopped and set on manual, sysmain.dll is there too, so you obviously think that you just need to start it and set it to automatic and it’s all done.

      Well you are mistaken, it does not work. You get an error. I first thought it was only a bug in RTM release from Wzor, but not at all. Same error is in MSDN/TN release too.

      I did some homework and I managed to get the Superfetch working but the service stops on his own after a couple of minutes. Real funny.

      You can restart it a couple of times then eventually you get an error window.

      I do not really need it working as I have stacks of RAM but why does M$ make the service available and not working ? It has no sense. Either remove it like on R2 or keep it but working….

      N 🙂

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