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      I’m using Windows Server 2k8 for about 2 months, and I really enjoy this system. But I have one problem with Subelt PF, I want to install it (I was using SPF earlier on Windows XP), but installer shows an error about incompatible OS. It’s compatible with Windows Vista, so I think the only problem is to modify the installer (emulate Win Vista?). Have someone any idea how to make it working?

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        I got the Sunbelt Personal Firewall installed, but the firewall service directly stops after starting it.

        However, here is how to install:
        1. Download Sunbelt-Personal-Firewall.exe from
        2. Start the installer and wait till the Error message “Sunbelt Personal Firewall requires that you rcomputer is running Windows 2000, Windows XP only…” shows up. Don’t click OK.
        3. Open the Windows Explorer, enter %tmp% in the location bar and press Enter.
        4. Sort the folders by Date Modified, open the most recent folder with a name like {EB265F94-7B55-4647-A52C-FCEC6F9CE1F4} and copy the file SPF.msi to your Desktop.
        5. Edit the LaunchConditions using the Patching MSI Installers tutorial, drop the “(VersionNT >= 500) And (MsiNTProductType<2)" row and save the msi.
        6. Install the application.

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        Thank you, Arris.
        This is as you said, it manages to install, but it doesn’t work (firewall service stops after starting it).

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