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      1. Windows Defender has antivirus and antimalware capability now. Only supplicant it with another stronger antimalware like SpyBot S&D, SUPERAntiSpyware, or MalwareBytes. System Center Endpoint Protection will only update the Windows Defender app, not reinstall itself. This should save you on the download time to get a fully operational system.

      2. DirectX Redist 2010 June installs all the needed extra DirectX files and does not overwrite existing DirectX files. Personally, just install the SDK itself as it installs a few extra control panels to gain some additional control vectors.

      3. The Game Controller app comes with WS2016-TP5.

      4. Most of the Win2012 guide (as mentioned by Hackerman1) works fine with 2016. You shouldn’t have to install too much extra. Also, .NET 3.5 is actually on the .iso file itself now, so you will need your .iso or boot media to add this feature and specify the correct path.

      5. Edge browser does NOT work with the built-in Administrator account due to security protocols. You will have to create a secondary Administrator+user account for yourself to use the browser.

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        Thank you for the information.

        There is however a minor error in the post: @reaperx7 wrote:

        1. Windows Defender has antivirus and antimalware capability now.

        Virus is one form of malware, not a separate thing.

        There is a really good explanation here: Difference between Virus, Malware, Trojan, Worm, Adware etc

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