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      I just had to test some of the latest discoveries out and reinstalled Windows 8 (as I have no way to keep Server 2012 working) like the Legacy Mode Recovery Options, the latest updates to Classic Shell and Start8.

      Start8 has seen a lot of updates, and now offers a standard Windows 7 Start Menu interface, a new compressed Metro interface, and its original Start Metro interface. But one interesting new feature that Start8 offers is the ability to link and ‘pin’ Metro (Modern/NCI) apps in the Start Menu:

      I haven’t been able to reconcile how Start8 does this but it appears to use the soft links located in:

      C:UsersUserNameAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsApplication Shortcuts

      I personally prefer Classic Start, which is a part of the Classic Shell project, and it would be nice to get the Metro/NCI links to work with it. If anyone has any idea how this works please advise!


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