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      Hello everone,

      i have installed Windows Server 2008 on my notebook a few days ago and i love it. The only thing (problem) i have is, that sometimes when i start my notebook, the screen shut down….
      After the screen shut down, the notebook boot normaly. Just the screen is down and the only thing i can do is to reboot and every thing works as usual. So the fist boot is the problem! Can anyone help me?

      Thx a lot!! 🙂


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      Do you mean.. the screen turns off when you boot it? And you have to reboot, then it’s fixed…?

      Make sure you install all your Laptop software from the official site or the driver CD that came with it – it might be a power management issue. Installing Vista drivers should always work.

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      thx for your answer. i fixed the problem with a modded driver for my graficcard.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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