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      I just installed Server 2008 EE on a Lenovo T400, and no longer have the “Sleep” option when I click start and click the arrow to expand the power options. I just have Switch User, Log Off, Lock, Restart and Shut Down. I was wondering why Sleep is missing and how to get it back.

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        Take a look at the topic: Standby / Hibernate. Next time use the Search Function first and probably you ‘ll have your answer instantly! 😉

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        Yep did that put that thread doesnt help. I have Meloncholy’s problem where sleep doesnt appear in the sub menu. No one has posted a solution to that problem, so instead of reviving an old thread on an unrelated problem. Just wanted to break this question out.

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        Hi KyleGoch

        I have a T60p from lenovo and sleep/hibernate works fine.
        I installed Thinkpad Power Manager driver and Power Manager software.

        It shoulds also work on your T400.

        I hope it will help you…

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