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      Hello –

      1st – Awesome program, I had to do alot of this by hand before your release 🙂 (As a side note not to this post, have you considered adding the Bluetooth fix?)

      OK, I copied the files from the 2 folders required for Speech from a Vista X64 machine to my 2k8 64Bit machine (Not over writing the existing files) and then click the button in the program, and it said done (I also rebooted for another reason).

      When I go to the text to speech section of the control panel – It says it cannot load the Engine? Any ideas on this one? I moved to 2k8 server for education purposes and I have lost my home automation speech setup since MS thinks the server doesnt need speech….


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      Ok, I managed to get the tab to not give errors (replaced all files with original 2k8, then Vista without replacing files). So I cant get the speech tab up and it says US 8.0 version, but I cant train the speech engine, the option is greyed out…. Anyone else have this button greyed out?

      My speech system also says no speech engine is loaded, but 2k8 thinks it is….

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      The same problem. I’ ve copied files from Vista, and clicked in Converter, but nothing happens. Even after restart speech doen’t work.

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      Hey guys, here I have doubts about how to enable speech recognition (I wanna talk to Word 😛 )… reading previous posts, it seems like copying the files from a Vista installation and applying the converter it’s not working yet… 😥

      If someone can explain what has exactly to be done to get speech recognition working on Windows Server 2008, please write the steps 😀

      Thanks in advance!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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