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      Ive got a Asus P5B Deluxe Motherboard.
      I installed all drivers (using vista drivers), everything worked fine.
      Except that SoundMax control panel isnt showing up.
      I checked the driver and it shows its installed, nothing works.

      Anyone got a way to fix it?

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      Just checking… you remembered to turn on Windows Audio Service, right?

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      Yes, turned that services on. I followed all of the steps to make it win2008 as a workstation.
      and I have sound in winamp and games.

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      I have no idea about sound drivers, since mine were already included in the build. Well, at least the MS drivers that are used work great. I am very surprised that the P5 does not work with MS drivers. It is alot like the D975XBX2 in that it is used for box servers. Well they are around here anyway.

      I would double check to make sure Audio is set to auto.

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      I’ve tried several soundmax drivers for my asus mobo and could not get a soundmax utility. Also even though windows will play test sounds through all the speakers(5.1) I could not get any sound from any but the front left and right speakers when i tried to play any media (mp3.avi. ect).
      I was getting very frustrated. Finally I found this site Download the Beta drivers and install. after restart configure the soundmax utility first (5.1 or what ever you have). Then configure the windows playback devices to suit your system. Worked like a charm for me!!
      Man this was a show stopper for server 2008 workstation in my opinion. Ive got to have my tunes!!!
      good luck.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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