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      Hello, I installed Win Server 2008 on my laptop Lenovo 3000 N200 and everything works fine except sound. Sometimes sound stutter, not only when system is little busy, but also when is idle with only player active. I already tried every advice from this site (registry hack, etc.), tried few players and various audio system settings, but without success…
      Any help? Somebody? Please?

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      This is a known issue in Server 2008.

      Setting “Priority Settings” to focus on “Programs” instead of “Background Services” only does half the trick. The system is still set to allow 100% of the CPU to be reserved for low priority media-related processes, such as harddisk file buffering [511MB in Server 2008 I think as opposed to 256MB in Vista]


      1) Browse to the following key in RegEdit.exe…

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionMultimediaSystemProfile

      2) Change the value of “SystemResponsiveness” to 20 [in decimal, not hex] to set it to 20% instead of 100% reservable CPU load to low priority tasks.

      20 is what Vista uses. I actually changed mine to 10 and found my system to be generally more responsive – but this may not be the case for you. So set it as 20 if you are unsure.

      This will fix the audio samples from the Multimedia Endpoint Scheduler being dropped, as it is given the priority it should have, instead of those Server functions. Keep in mind though that, if you are running a Domain or File Server of any kind, this PROBABLY WILL decrease the server efficiency in favour of whatever programs are open on the PC.


      I have provided a RAR file for you to download and use with three registry keys to save you editing the registry yourself it includes…

      – The default Server 2008 setting of 100% [for backup purposes]
      – The default Vista setting of 20% [recommended if server roles are not primary functions]
      – The lowest setting possible [must be a multiple of 10 and 0 is not allowed] that made my system SEEM faster but might not be the case for you.

      Also, if you do use server functions still, consider trying a value of 50 instead.

      Be sure to restart straight after applying the registry change. And to report back here if it fixes the problem ^_^

      P.S. Sorry about the late reply, i’ve been away 🙄

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