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      Hi, i found something strange in Windows Server 2008 Workstation Converter

      When i would like instal gameux.dll in this great gui. The program send me this error

      translation from Czech:

      Target file C:Windowssystem32 is diretory but no file.

      Choices are: details – continue – end.

      When click on continue, nothing will hapen.

      Manual solution is simple: just copy gameux.dll from directory Windows Server 2008 Workstation Converter to Windows system32 and WindowssysWOW64

      System: Server 2008 standard x64 EN + Czech language pack , intel dualcore 4500 7GB RAM

      if this information isnt enough i can send pictures and details

      Ps If you absolutely dont uderstand what i have writen, dont be lazy and try to teach youserfl Czech language 😀 😀

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      Windows Server 2008 Workstation Converter is poorly translated to English, and buggy. Used it twice on two different installs, two different version, both destroyed my 2008 install.

      Read the guides all over the net and do it manually man.

      I will probably make my own tool soon, because i’m not too impressed with the one that already exists.

      No offence if the creator of it reads this! Its still good and I have respect for the hard work done 🙂 but it does have problems.

      EDIT: That was probably pretty nasty and disrespectful to say all that, sorry 🙁 it was only my experience of course – i’m probably just unlucky!

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      I had that gameux bug also. U can copy youself gameux.dll from the gameux folder and then run the install will work.

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      Don’t forget the following run command….

      regsvr32 gameux.dll
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      @JonusC wrote:

      Don’t forget the following run command….

      regsvr32 gameux.dll

      After the file is copied the program takes care of the rest in this specific scenario.

      The path for the x64 version of gameux.dll was wrong and it is fixed in the latest version 1.2
      Some user reported this via email and it was fixed on the next day. I prefer to get emails with bug reports because i cant really check the forum every day.

      I don’t see how my program can destroy anything and noone reported such problem as far as i know, but JonusC if you have any specific bug reports i will be glad to see them.

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      Hey sawo, thanks for the reply!

      It was v1.0 that crashed my system, 1.1 seemed to work well though. But the changelog doesnt reflect it – I think I was just unlucky!

      v1.1 still had the gameux.dll bug, although giving a different error message.

      v1.2 gameux.dll installer works 100% and appears to be bug free [from what I use].


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