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      Hi, my Win2k8 experience has been pretty good except for one last device (wouldn’t you know it). It is a Sierra Wireless USB 3G modem. The previous model AirCard worked fine with the Vista driver, but the new one (USB 306) does not recognise the Vista driver as matching the device under Win2k8.

      Presumably an edit of the .INF files would be able to rectify this – does anyone have any references to this topic, I cant find anything that relates to telling which OS a driver is compatible with. At the granularity of Vista v Windows Server 2008 at least anyway…

      Sierra responded that “Windows Server 2008 is not supported” 😥

      Regards, Fil.

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        Some suggestions:
        * Use the right architecture of the driver (x64 / x86)
        * Try to install the driver manually by eventually unpacking it using 7-Zip and installing it via the Device Manager (Installing Drivers: Method 2)

        .inf file editing links:
        * I don’t have any experiences with modifying .inf files but the structure of the inf becomes more clear after reading the following website: MSDN: Overview of INF Files.
        * ziyadhosein: Editing the driver setup information file

        I think editing .inf files comes down to modifying:
        * the hardware id’s of the devices (Device Manager -> Properties of a device -> Details tab -> Hardware Ids in dropdown);
        * the OS Signature;
        * maybe other properties?

        Just my thoughts and a little research.

        Good luck! 😉


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