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      I’m trying to find a good software firewall to use on windows server 2008. I can’t seem to find any free software that will do the job. I’m not crazy about antivirus software but wouldn’t mind a good software firewall thats easy to configure.

      I was looking around for virtual environments to run software in and I can’t seem to find any. Something like Sandibox I believe its called. For those sketchy downloads… If there isn’t anything really available I’m going to use an extra media server running windows xp.

      Does anyone have any recommendations?

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      Here’s an awesome virtual host utility. Its incredibly easy to use and works on both 32/64 bit processors.

      Apparently windows server 2k8 has similar functionality. This software by Sun is unbelievably easy to use. And its free.

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      I am also looking for a nice personal firewall that works with 2008.
      I don’t expect to find a huge number of them, but surely there must be at least one?

      Basically what I’m missing is to be asked weather or not an application will be allowed to connect to the internet, the way that ZoneAlarm does it.

      Something like peerguardian would also be nice.

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        It is possible to use the “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” by going to Start -> Run -> wf.msc.

        In the Overview section look which Profile is active, click Windows Firewall Properties and go to the tab of your Active Profile. Now set Outbound connections to Block.

        Now you can add applications that are allowed to connect to the internet in the Outbound Rules screen.

        I haven’t seen an option yet to get a confirmation if some application wants to connect to the internet, but I guess it should be somewhere! Please tell me if you found it.

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