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      I recently bought a new computer with a tyan board with dual socket quad core AMD HE’s, 8gb ram, 8800gts and a razer sound card.

      First I tried XP x64 and… no, for some reason things were going all haywire, had to run certain programs in ‘compatibility mode’.
      Next was Vista x64 Ultimate, but I started having issues with it crashing and games ran SLOW.

      Now, I’m on Server 2008 with the recommended changes people have made here (btw, the converter app is great) and everything is running wonderful, there are slight hickups I cant figure out like why does it lag when I scroll up & down really fast in Firefox, a couple games will slightly freeze for 50-100ms every few minutes, but this all might be due to random video driver problems, I dont know yet. But overall I’m very happy so far.

      I was wondering has anyone made a nice guide/list of services and what they Really do? I’d like to disable a few, booting up with 51 some odd processes makes me feel uneasy.

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        Hello truestreets, welcome at the Win2008Workstation forums! Thanks for your tip to create a list of services that can be disabled to increase the speed of Windows Server 2008. Yesterday I added the Fine-Tuning Services page to the manual.

        Happy Tweaking! 😉

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