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      I can’t get my laptop to go into sleep mode unless I used the hotkey’s on my laptop and the laptop is plugged in. So I can put my laptop into sleep mode but I have to do it before I leave for school and I have to completely shut it down at the end of the first class I use it during.

      HP Pavilion DV9000 laptop so it’s got the hotkey at the top to put the laptop to sleep. Thats the only way to put it to sleep. Is there any way to force the OS to sleep? I know server’s don’t normally sleep.

      I’ve been using this setup for several months now and this is the major issue I’ve found.

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      Anyone have any idea? It really sucks having to shutdown my laptop whenever I don’t have it plugged in!

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        That was way easier then I expected! I overlooked the function of the sleep button on battery. It was set to do nothing if I pressed it!

        I can’t believe I overlooked that. Thanks for the help

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          You are welcome. I’m glad you solved it! 😉

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