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      It installed but locks up at 50% CPU usage when you try to start the game. It just shows the loading image(bridge).

      My friend has the game on his identical laptop running Vista and it works.

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        I tried Sim City 4 (Original, without any patches) and it turned out I had to move the simcity.4.exe file from the C:Program Files (x86)MaxisSimCity 4Apps directory one directorylevel up (C:Program Files (x86)MaxisSimCity 4 and start the executable at that location. After that it works flawlessly.

        Hope this also solves your problem!


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        Nope it still doesn’t work. It locks one processor up at 50% usage on the loading bridge image.

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          For me that worked. I found it out using Sysinternals Process Monitor where you add to the filter: Process Name | is | SimCity 4.exe | then | include. In the log look for “File System Activity” that doesn’t have SUCCESS in the Result column. Maybe this will help you to find the problem!

          Are you also sure you have applied all patches that are mentioned in the Games article?
          * Disable DEP
          * Missing gameux.dll
          * Missing xinput9_1_0.dll
          * dmusic.inf

          Good luck!

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          My game freezes during play, but that Monitor program, are you suppose to have SUCCESS on every single entry?

          BTW: I also get stuck on that Bridge Image, but the game itself does get installed (Probably not completely though since it crashes).

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            @Tobbsman wrote:

            are you suppose to have SUCCESS on every single entry?

            No, you need to have a SUCCESS result on every line. Suppose an application is trying to load a dll, it will start searching in the folder of the running executable. If nothing is found (so you got a NAME NOT FOUND message in Procmon) it starts searching the PATH environment variable (%PATH% at Wikipedia). After it has iterated through all these paths and still haven’t found the file (SUCCESS in Procmon) it can be a problem for the application.

            So… always look in the context when analyzing problems using Process Monitor! 🙂

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            I can’t find anything about a missing DLL, most missing files are suppose to be in E:SpelSimCity 4 DeluxeRadioStationsRegion

            Reg Keys i don’t fully understand that get “Name not found”, “Reparse” and “Desired Access: Read”
            HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetControlVideo *
            HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetHardware Profiles *
            HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServices *

            Do you also have a bunch of these or is my installation corrupt, i get over 65,000 entries showing up (Excluding entries with Success).

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            Just found out that the latest patches might fix the game-crashes, will try updating and give some feedback.

            EDIT: Well, now it crashes directly to desktop instead of freezing…

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            Yes it worked right without modifications to mine other then a nocd patch (I own the game legally I just hate messin with cd’s). and worked without the patch too. 🙂 I install all my games on another partition so it may vary your results.

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            I’ve given up trying to get it to work for now, will wait and buy CitiesXL isntead, i need it now!! Don’t care if it has a monthly cost, i want it 😀

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            I’ve played the beta and it was disappointed. The game does not have mass transit!

            Rumor has it the zoning is messed up as well.

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            @RemixedCat wrote:

            I’ve played the beta and it was disappointed. The game does not have mass transit!

            Rumor has it the zoning is messed up as well.

            I have SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition sitting right in front of me, I find it can be fun, even on a slow & laggy computer. Mass transit as in what – buses/trains/boats/planes? Because it does have those. Beta’s aren’t always the same as the final version / expansion versions.

            Zoning as in Residential/Commercial/Industrious? I haven’t found any problems with it.

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            Cities XL I am talking about!

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            Oh 😛 thought you meant sim city because that is what this topic is about.

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