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      My OS is R2 with all of the updates.

      I can’t get Netflix to work because Silverlight 4 crashes as soon as I attempt to play a video. It doesn’t matter whether I’m using IE9, Firefox 6, or Firefox 7. BTW, Silverlight is currently set to compatibility with XP sp3 and I haven’t installed the desktop experience feature.

      Some web sites claim that Silverlight 3 will work. However, Netflix detects the version and will only display a message to upgrade to Silverlight 4. There doesn’t seem to be any way to bypass Netflix’s upgrade requirement.

      Just to experiment, I tried setting a DEP exception for Silverlight, but I get an error message saying that Silverlight requires DEP enabled to run.

      I see that Silverlight is included in your pre-built version of R2, so any suggestions for getting it to work?

      Alternatively, would you suggest streaming Netflix using virtual XP on Hyper-V?

      Thanks in advance for your time. Don’t hesitate to take a shot at this, even if you’re not 100% sure what the problem is. It can’t hurt.

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      Silverlight crashed on me a few times when I was wanting to view some screenshots/previews of Microsoft Flight. I switched to the developer runtime and it fixed my issue. It might yours:

      Download here:

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      Thanks! The developer runtime you linked to didn’t work, but it got me to the right place. There is now a Silverlight 5 release candidate download. Works perfectly!

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